Tuesday, 24 December 2013

SOUL Post: Christmas Baking- Caribbean Black Cake

Seasons greetings all!

Here in our family, every year I make a Caribbean Black Cake. There are many recipies out there on the net. I use a recipe from my grandmother's age old recipe stash, from Christmas in the Caribbean. The Guyanese is different to the Jamaican version of black cake as it contains shortening as well as a few other ingredients.

To me what makes this cake unique is the addition of molasses adding a deep dark colour as well as richness to the cake. i'd recommend soaking your fruits months or even a year ahead if you can; this time next year you too can enjoy the taste of a traditional Caribbean Christmas cake  . The fruits mature over time and make for a rich  boozy unbeatable Christmas cake. I usually buy a huge bag of dried fruits that drench In large container with a mixture of whisky and rum; topping up throughout the year.

Here is the recipe:

                                            8oz currants                                             
                            8oz sultanas                            
                                4oz raisins                                
8oz butter
4oz cherries 
2oz shredded peel 
2oz chopped nuts 
2 tsp allspice
2 tsp cinnamon 
1 tsp ground mace and grated nutmeg   
                            8oz flour                            
8oz sugar
4-6 eggs
 half cup molasses
quarter pint brandy or rum
pinch soda

  1. Pick and clean fruit cut up or mince raisins. Soak fruit in rum or brandy if wish. 
  2. Prepare nuts and peel cut up cherries.
  3. Cream butter and work in sugar; beat well.
  4. Whisk eggs thoroughly and beat in sugar mixture.
  5. Sift flour and spices and stir lightly into mixture.
  6. Add fruit and soda dissolved in a little warm water.
  7. Turn into a lined cake pan and bake in a slow oven (275 degrees F.) for approx 3 hrs

NB if prepared mixture may be covered with greased paper and steamed for 2 hours then bake in a slow oven (300 degrees F.) for 1 hr.

Once cooled I soak the warm cake with a syrup. To make this heat a cup of molasses, some vanilla essence, any alchohol you have in the cupboard and brush onto the cake. This deepens the colour as well as makes the cake even richer. 

Everyday I brush the syrup onto the cake at least three days ahead of christmas. If you like you can even brush a cap ful of rum also. This cake is not for kids!

You will end up with a wonderful delish cake:

Merry Chrismas all!


Monday, 16 December 2013

Life of a Year 2 Commercial Music Student: It's Christmas

Hi guys!

Wow. Christmas is 9 days away now. I cannot wait, this has always been my favourite season. I don't know what it is about christmas but I can feel the magic in the air.

So semester 1 at uni is over! Bitter sweet, as the intensity heightens to the release of the EP but it's nice to have a rest. The studios at uni closed for a whole month last Thursday! Shock horror. But gives time to work on the theory side of things. One hell of a semester it's been, literally studio studio studio, essay, studio, essay.

On Friday I submitted assignment 1 for released recording. It was something. 12 ideas and 6 unmixed demos. As everyone wanted to use the studios it was literally impossible to get a studio. And when I did I fainted, yes fainted on the day my assignment was due. I managed to record with my trustee c214 mic despite it and my two friends brought me to safety lol. But on top of that my logic projects didn't bounce in time so I had to work with what I had. This is something that I've learnt a lot this semester. You have to be quick and time does not wait; literally. No pun intended there.

When setbacks arise don't get down and :

Bring on the festivities. Eating & being merry. Stay tuned as I write the top happenings for 2013!! 

Have you got anything planned this christmas? What is on your playlist this christmas?


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: Flu 2.0

Hi guys!

So I was hit by the flu bug yet again! Where, when, what, why how?!?

It seems to be going around at the moment. But this bout hit me harder than the last and I thought that was flu. This knocked me for six since I haven't been ill for a while. So guys I've come to the conclusion I need to juice up! I bought £8 worth of fruit and vegetables determined to juice.

So last week I was productive. Managed to record a basic instrumental for my next track I'm working on 'Look What You did'. The main chords with the melody is a harp. I then added some drums, and percussion, and next plan to add some kind of bass. It's sounding good so far. Think Ryan Leslie with the drums. If I could just have the drums from his track with Jasmin Villegas I would be a very happy girl lol!

The six songs so far for my EP in no particular order  singer/songwriter edition is:
1) Better than Before
2) In Retrospect
3) HeartStrings
4) Look What You Did
5) Blind
6) DJ (Care Less Party More)

Stay tuned and more to come all. Next week is a very busy one.


Thursday, 28 November 2013

Run The Jewels Live Performance & Q&A

Hey guys!

A quick post to let Run The Jewels fans know that they will be live and direct tomorrow from 4pm GMT at Big Dada HQ.

You can watch online right here:http://boilerroom.tv/session/run-jewels/

New Music Post: Baishe Kings - 'Vodka Lemon Lime' (Official Video)

Hi Guys!

When I got the email from Ninja Tune with this video, I was like hey I've never seen this before! I'm sure not many of you have either so I thought I'd share.

Art/Rap Septuplet from South London have presented a new music video for Vodka Lemon Lime. They've been likened to Wutang meets Odd Future, with a British flavour of course!

The video drops together with the first installment of the Baishe Kings comic strip (designed by Siku, the graphic novelist of 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Magazine fame). 

Check out the video below!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student: Goal Digger

Hi everyone!

This week has flown by. As part of our course we have Professional Development, as intense as it can be thinking about the future regarding chosen career and field and planning HOW to get there; once done a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Felt awesome! Taking these goals and creating weekly objectives to make progress.

In terms of studio I've been everyday this week. Definetly improving. My friend singer/songwriter Diamant Ballou recorded a rough demo of 'Better Than Before'- I felt like it would sound great with her voice. To hear a singer sing your songs is a great thing especially when delivered exactly how I imagined. And this is just a rough. Also on Wednesday I recorded a rough demo for 'HeartStrings'  , I recorded the keys using the standard logic Yamaha plugin, I was so thankful to be in CR4 this studio has a full sized keyboard great for a piano player like me, no fussing with shifting octaves etc. for both vocal recordings I used my favorite mic AKG C214. Out of all the mics I've used at university so far this one is great, I love it for my vocals. 

For this upcoming week I plan to finish up the rough demo with my Chica Diamant and shorten the actual instrumental, as it's 8mins long! True Ekeisha fashion. Also see what I can do with HeartStrings, I feel it needs something eve though it's a rough demo.  Also I wrote a new song last Thursday enroute to uni 'Look What You Did' this has a Cassie vibe to it. So need to get that idea recorded too. As you can see guys I'm working, working hard.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Spirit Post: In Faith we Trust, in Love we Lay

Hi all,

Nothing like writing before bed, sometime after 2AM *sigh*. Sometimes I write thoughts which turns into a poem. This one I call:

In faith we trust, In love we lay

Often we talk ourselves out of achieving our dreams. Well not completely but we just question whether we are on the right path, on the right page; question whether there is anything to gain. 

And when it comes down to it. You have this dream for a reason. You did believe in it. Make sacrifices. So all the doubt is fear. Remember why you started. Start to complete. Do what you love. Some days you may question why,just remember your dream why you're here. Decide today to put all in. You've got nothing to loose. They say it's easier said than done. But doing is so much in itself. Doing will bear fruit. Stay true. Be you. Purposeful purposes

I hope this inspired you. 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student: Getting There

Hi guys !

So this week I've been finishing off songs that I've written. I can't believe how quick time is going! 

The song I wrote 'Care Less/Party More' is in production and J (producer) is working with the vocals and mixing it down. It's already sounding like a summer hit. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and I plan to record two acoustic demos: 'Heart Strings' and 'Better than Yesterday' for the EP. I'm going to use logic to do this. First record the piano, and try to get the most realistic sound as possible. My friend suggested even adding a little bit of reverb to do this. I will then record the vocals and harmonies. After our tutorial on Ableton on Tuesday I may even experiment with it next week. I've got live installed on my laptop so why not I say? What's your pref logic, or Ableton guys? a lot of producers use Fruity Loops too and Reason how could I forget. So many options!

Next week I plan to work with two producers and collab some more. Colab,colab, collab they say. Love it. 

Any producers out there looking to collab or feature music or anything creative hit me up. I'm nice I promise lol.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Year 2 Of A Commercial music Student: Progress

Hi guys!

So this week was Reading Week at uni, it is not a holiday but there are no classes. So I decided this week would be creative week, writing, recording etc. It went SO fast!

I was productive though, worked on the swap track for The Released Recording. Having never recorded my vocals in a studio before I'm so proud of myself because I know my way around now. Feeling like a boss I managed to record the whole song yesterday. The swap track has been through a lot I must say. I wrote two songs to the same beat both with completely different meanings.

 The first 'What's Love' is about love, a girl goes through a break up and questions whether what 'they say' loves means is true with the chorus: 'They all talk about love/But do they even know what it means...See I've heard it all before/ But do we even really know what it means (what it means)'. I felt like the track was too fast for the lyrics even though melodically it went and  didn't not reflect the upbeat club tempo of the track or the vibe. The second song I wrote to the track chorus is : 'Dj/DJ/ Just keep playing the songs (keep playing the songs) DJ/DJ/ Yeah tonight we're caring less and party more..DJ/Dj/ Got us in the zone/ care less and party more/ me and my girls killing the dance floor/ bass rhythm and heat/ the guys can't take it/ can't take it.' This just goes perfectly melody, vibe and the lyrics much more than the first. This song 'Care Less/Party More' is about a girl who wants to let go of the burdens of the world, not caring what people think and just party. Now that I've got the skeleton recorded, I can work on the bridge, and harmonies and work to getting it mixed in the next two weeks.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Song Post: Illum Sphere new track and debut album!

Hey guys! I bring to you another Ninja Tune announcement.

Here is a post that alot of you Radiohead fans we love! Illum Sphere Radiohead remixer and Hoya:Hoya founder has released a new track called 'Sleeprunner', and his debut album 'Ghosts of Then and Now' will be released on 10th Febuary 2014 via NinjaTune.

The track 'Sleeprunner' is a great introduction to an album, as it literally sounds like day break almost. It has a very simple melody of mostly 4 notes, playing somewhat of a drone, then its like the sun begins to peak though the clouds as you hear the jazzy chords of strings and xylophones. Its a really interesting one. One that makes for great easy listening. Becoming more and more melodic leaving you wanting more.

Listen here:

Let me know what you think?

But most of all listen and enjoy.

Find Out more: http://ninjatune.net/illumsphere/


SOUL Post: Halloween Madness

Hi guys!

It seems like this year Halloween festivities are in overdrive. Its like the 5th November and people are still wearing their fancy dress costumes. I've been seeing witches on the tube, cats on buses and pumpkins everywhere.

Usually I'm oblivious to Halloween. I've celebrated once and that was like 10 years ago I'd say. Oh. and before that I was a mere toddler, in America with cousins where trick or treating meant heaps and heaps of candy!

So I didn't want to feel left out, after presenting at my university radio show my friend and I ventured out to KERB its a mini street food haunt in Kings Cross. We thought it would be easy to find. Easy it was not. We were feet from the venue and we could not find it. The arrow pointed straight ahead, leading to the grounds of a school. Central St Martins College of Arts and Design to be exact. It is such a beautiful building. The architecture is incredible. Even the lighting was perfect. So in the end we followed a family, who led us by longest route to KERB. It was right within the university really. It was great, smoke, lights a fully stocked bar, DJs and food stalls all "halloweened" up. 

After much deliberation I decided to try my luck with Bao. BAO is a new addition to London eats a small six seater Bar and a Market Stall, located in Netil Market, Westgate Street, E8 3RL. So Bao is a Taiwanese for bun, their classic is filled with slow braised pork belly, pickles, peanut powder and coriander all of which is made in house; even the milk to make the buns they cure themselves!

The classic bun became bun of darkness (£3.50): Squid Ink Bao, Evil Pig, Blood Sauce, Coriander, Mummified Pickles & Peanut ashes. SO GOOD! A small spicy delight full of texture and flavour. I wanted to go back for another. Definitely the highlight for me.

I rounded of with a little sweet treat from Kooky Bakes a London-based bakery of award winning small batch baked goods. I tried a red velvet cake pop (£2.50), a red velvet sponge with cream cheese dipped in white chocolate; of course for Halloween it was an eyeball. Delish. I was a little upset I was only able to have one bite, the rest fell on the ground. I should have been patient, but could not wait until I got home. Tisk Tusk.

If you're in London KERB is definitely a place to visit if you're a foodie. Find them on the Kings Boulevard Tuesday-Friday from 12-2.30pm.

To find out more head to http://www.kerbfood.com/kings-cross/

Happy November ALL!


Friday, 1 November 2013

Song Post: Run The Jewels Debut Album

Hey Guys!

Run The Jewels will be releasing their debut album through Big Dada, this groundbreaking project is a collaborative of Company's Flow EL-P, and Outkast associate Killer Mike. The album will be released 16th December 2013!

EL-P's career begun as being one third of Company Flow a group that paved the way for experimental Hip Hop. He also produced Cannibal Ox's LP 'The Cold Vein', founded a label 'Def Jux' and has released a trio of brilliant solo albums. .

Outkast associate  Killer Mike is a key figure in Atlanta's fertile hip hop scene. A guest on four of their albums including the  breakout single 'The Whole World' and Bone Crusher's 'Never Scared'  his solo credits include the hit A.D.I.D.A.S.

You will need to turn up the bass for this one guys! As Kanye said Hip-Hop is the new Rock n Roll. Click the click below to watch the video for 'Get It'.

For more info and to pre-order: http://bigdada.com/run-the-jewels/

Watch the brand new 'Get It' video: http://bit.ly/1dsADzA


Thursday, 31 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: flu strikes

Hi guys!

This week was a short one really. I've been ill and haven't moved from bed for the past two days.

Tuesday was the day we played a further three 30 second song ideas to the rest of the class. Cringe. Lol. There's just something about sharing my ideas mayn lol. I was pleased though, my two favourites were best received. The song 'Better Than Before' a piano based song about living though tough experience and becoming  better, wiser, stronger as a person. The second 'Don't Break Me' is a piano based song, about a failed relationship where one pleads for the truth and no more lies. This was also well received with nearly the whole class raising their hands to having it on their iPod. My third song played is one I wrote to a beat rather than composed, it was inspired from an instrumental on Jay Z's album called 'somewhereinamerica' was less well received as less than a third of the class raised their hands to this one. But since working with a writing partner I've finished writing it, and decided to slow it down with different chords, looking forward to record it and see what everyone thinks. Our tutor says feedback is key!

So today I was recovering and learning at the same time. Pointblank online has some great YouTube tutorials. Check them out if you are looking to learn more about music production. The videos I was watching were based on electronic music but included important stuff such as Chord Progressions, Inversions, Complex Chords etc!

Hope you have a fab weekend!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: The Released Recording Swap

Hi guys!

So as you know one of the modules I am taking at university is The Released Recording. So our next task was to swap with a member of our class. I swapped with R&B/Soul/Pop producer Jordon Johnson. Heard one idea, number 9 and stated writing straight away. Can I say dopeness! Ever since I've been writing away, nearly finis! It's definetly r&b pop, uptempo too. It could be a hit for he clubs. Instead of talking about partying on this one I'm questioning love. I will share soon.

I swapped my dog idea 'crazy over u' it almost has a neo soul vibe to it! Next Tuesday we shall learn songwriting/production  splits. This ensures copyright and sets each contributors percentage of the song. V.important stuff.


SongSpiritSoul: Earth Wind & Fire

Hi guys!

Wednesday already, well technically Thursday now. This week has been an exciting one. 

So yesterday, Tuesday I was lucky enough to be one of four to attend the filming of Earth Wind & Fire for Sky Arts filming at Battersea Arts Centre! Thanks to my tutor. Learnt so much. Being in line with your audience is key. They really focus on making their music universal and in doing so broke so many walls within the music industry particularly being a black band during the Motown era. 

They've been together as a band for over 40 years and are currently on their 12th album! Just amazing. Maurice White who was instrumental in keeping the band together is unable to tour unfortunately but still plays a major role in the musicality to this very day. It's amazing to hear that they've still got the funk! And yes Phillip Bailey has retained his falsetto. Also with him being interviewed were the other two members Ralph Johnson and Verdine White. It was interesting to the hear the stories of those who ceased opportunities and worked on their craft to create a unique groundbreaking sound and still feel lucky to this very day to be working actively in the music industry.

Look out for the interview on Sky Arts


Friday, 18 October 2013

Year 2 Of a Commercial Music Student: Friday Feeling

Hi all! 

Friday already! This week has gone SO fast. 

As part of The Released Recording module we had a TC2 test on Tuesday. We had another tutorial of Logic, which was definetly needed for me. However I need a catch up as our test was during the lecture. Luckily I keep my Logic 9 book at hand when I'm going to a session until I memorise. 

We learnt how to use the larger studios at the uni, CR1 and CR2. I think will be great for my songs where I need to record on the baby grand piano. These studios have more amps, more powerful speakers and just more complex in general, allowing analogue mixing. Will be calling the tech guys on hand when needed! The engineer instead that for recording bands Pro Tools is more effective that Logic, and the gap is not too great between the two.

For my project that I'm working on, that is the EP. I have been writing and creating more ideas. As well as practising the lead song which has been titled 'Blind'. Jay Z's song from his album Magna Carta 'on yinamerica' is what inspired this and I will be recording a version to that instrumental next week.

We also have to swap one of our ideas with another member of the class. I don't know which one to give, so will be thinking about this over the weekend. Exciting times ahead!

Enjoy your weekend guys! 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: Collabs

Lost files- 11/10/13

Yesterday was a good day. I remember in first year one of the lecturers, Mykaell Riley who also happens to be my tutor said that collaborations are the most important. So ever since I've been trying to get stuck in as they say.

I have been working on a song with which I wrote the chorus to with a fellow student, on the BMus course. The BMus students study Commercial Music too but focus more on the performance side of things rather than business and music production. It's great to meet others like yourself and we came up with the bridge and the second verse. The song got a solid thumbs up from other first year students with crazy amazing vocals may I add! Soon we shall record the demo and I will be posting a link for you all to listen.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Third Week Already: Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student

Hello all,

How is the month of October treating you?

So last week regarding The Released Recording was just myself creating and uploading my initial twelve song ideas which I did. Since then however ie been creating, changing things here and there. 

Last Friday wa my first time in the university studios since level 4 ( year 1) ! Luckily before I entered the studio I saw my friend, who I met at his audition to actually get onto the course. We ended up having a creative session, after I played him some ideas. It's amazing what you can do with a few words and some chords. 


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Song Ideas. Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student

Good morning all! Or good evening as it is night in some places.

I have been creating, and listening to old recordings of song ideas, as our task is to produce 12 rough ideas, to be whittled down to 6 and 3 of these will be demos.

Anyone who has always wanted to be in the industry knows that it takes many songs/ideas to create a hit. Thats why I've been going back, way back, listening and re-writing. Using my Korg SOS, (god bless this device) I have been able to record rough recordings using a mic fx for some reverb, and with some songs I also played the piano. Playing my beloved piano whilst singing is still new to me, but thus the life of a musician, it will become second nature soon.

I've managed to come close to 20 ideas, I think I will see if I can write some new material by tomorrow, or should I say later today. Train rides to uni are inspiring believe me lol. But the whole point of this task as part of The Released Recording Module is to create a set of demos for an EP that has a set theme. Pretty cool. I have to be able to make this apparent and be able to explain and express it through song.

Stay tuned guys.

Soundcloud uploads soon coming :)


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Follow me on this journey: Year 2 as a Commercial Music Student

Hey guys so I've just started my second year at the University of Westminster, studying Commerical Music.

This year is all about presenting ourselves in a much more professional way. Definitely no time for slacking now.

I managed to finish my first year with a 2.1, and I always think about how I could of tried harder. But that's what a new year is for right?

So recently I've been flicking through my song books and listening to recording of song ideas. This Wednesday our task as part of 'The Released Recording' module on the Making Pathway is all about working towards a single. We have to submit 12 song ideas before we select a few to record and one of which will be the single.

Over the years I've written quite abit,but at my own pace lets see what I create.

Stay tuned as I write toward my first EP, will be free download of course! 

Yesterday's lyrics went something like this:

My eyes are the river
His eyes are te sea
If I was I dive in
What would become of me
So I stay here
So I stay here


Friday, 6 September 2013

SOUL Post: Dear September

Hi all,

It is now September, which happens to be my birth month. We celebrate a new season, fall, a fresh start for greatness. 

I'm turning 24! I wrote a little poem, take a read if you will. It's almost a little letter to myself.

Almost 24
Just 18 days
I thank
And praise God
Life has been
A roller coaster
Ups and downs
Left and right
Is what I am 
To grow 
To share
To love
To just be
Stepping up
In this life
Through glorification 
I am ready.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

SOUL post: Foodies Unite

Hey guys,

So yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Foodies Festival Feast at Battersea park for FREE! I was lucky enough to win two tickets via Wholefoods Market .I don't usually enter competitions let alone win so I was ├╝ber happy when I received the email saying I was one of the lucky winners!

I decided to take my mum, who deserved a nice outing, she was my partner in crime for the day.

We began browsing the various stalls looking for a bite to eat. As soon as mum saw the Caribbean food, she opted for it! She got a huge plate of curry goat, rice & peas, jerk chicken, coleslaw and festival all for £8! The company is called Deli Jerk. I opted for Chicken Pad Thai from Bang Wok Thai, same price but not the same taste an authenticity of the Caribbean. I was not impressed.

After lunch we then had drinks and enjoyed the performances that were on stage. There were also cooking and drinks theatres where one cook learn how to mix the perfect mojito for instance or learn the art of being a master chocolatier.

After enjoying the entertainment at the man-made beach we went in search of one of our favourite vegan cake bakery. Global fusion. I managed to also buy an ice cream cone- honeycomb I believe.  


Monday, 12 August 2013

SONG post: New Single Alert

Hi guys,

More music for you!

Producer Travis Stuart aka Machinedrum, whose tracks have been used as a basis for Azaelia Banks tracks such as the hit 1991, is dropping a new single Body Touch. It is the B-side of the first single from Machinedrum‘s new album Vapor City.

He recently released a second, critically acclaimed EP with Sepalcure, a project with  Praveen Sharma from New York, and he is also constantly touring with JETS, his drum 'n' bass inspired glitch-hop outfit with Warp's Jimmy Edgar.

This track is from his first album signed to Ninja Tune and is quite slow bpm with a tinge of Junglism along with the looped vocals.

Stream the single by clicking the link below, and tell me what you think.

Turn up the bass to on this one!


SOUL POST: I'm Back !!!

Hi guys, It's been so long since I've blogged, but I'm back!

 Just last week I got back from the most exciting and fun trip ever to St Lucia, and I can tell you I am in love with the island. What was meant to be two weeks away with my friend to play carnival, turned out to be a month long trip of a lifetime. Time to explore, let loose, and rejuvenate. I loved it SO much that I extended. My friend and I both did. In the last week, my mother even joined us, and she too now shares our love of the island. If any of you out there are deliberating on taking the plunge and going on holiday, do it. I think its well deserved and a nice long break away to recharge the batteries is a must.

 Below are some pictures of my trip away. x
Lunch at Triangles. Stewed Pork + Sides
Myself and Meg at the All White Breakfast Fete St Lucia

The rick St Lucian terrain
St Lucia 2013
The Phoenix Girls St Lucia 2013 (Myself Left, Meg Right)
Quick Picture before me hit the road. St Lucia 2013
OOTD snap before town: Maxi, Office Gladiators
MAC Face and Body Shimmer
Boat Ride Sunday. Enroute to Marigot Bay. St Lucia 2013

Another Snap on the boat

At the Dock of the Bay. Marigot Bay. St Lucia 2013
The Birthday Girl Meg (left), myself (middle) and mum (right) at Big Chef Steakhouse
St Lucia 2013
My last day by the hotel pool. Coco palm Resort.
p.s excuse the foot photo bombing lol
St Lucia 2013

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


So recently I've been going blog crazy. There are so many cool blogs to follow out there. I've joined Bloglovin, it seems the perfect way to see all the blogs I follow on one page!

Follow me on there, I will put the link below.

More blog posts coming. I promise.

Happy Tuesday all.

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/8192557/?claim=u9xdrcxcmwc">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


SOUL POST: Wishbone

Hello All!

I know summer is approaching and we all want to eat uber healthily but I come to you today with the UKs solution for the perfect fried chicken fix.


It is located at my new foodie spot, Brixton Village embedded within Brixton Market on Coldharbour lane. Brixton village is buzzing from Thursday to Saturday. My friend and I after a long day of pursuing the shops decided to grub, after deciding on Brixton as our usual Steak spot in Clapham was full, we opted for Wishbone.

We walked through the village and we were seated. The menu was very simple consisting of Chicken, Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches. The chicken here is special: Free Range.

Wishbone Menu

I went for the Chicken Shop Wings, Deep Fried Mac N Cheese and a side of Slaw along with a can of Ginger Beer. My friend was more adventurous with the Korean wings, fries and of course the Deep Fried Mac N Cheese along with a can of Ting.

Ok, so when the food arrived the wings were huge, the Mac N Cheese was bubbling, what was little expectation sure became delight as I smelt the feast.

The Chicken Shop Wings were crunchy not greasy and extremely tasty and the BBQ sauce that accompanied it was special, SO GOOD. And the wings were huge! What was the real winner for me though were the Deep Fried Mac N Cheese. If you don't have a love for fried chicken, or chicken in general you must visit Wishbone for the Mac N Cheese. Its like biting into cheese heaven. So sinful yet so good. The deep fried breaded crust encasing the creamy yet cheesey macaroni!!

My friend's wings were delicious, the sauce perhaps overbearing for the 5 wings but definitely tasty!

Chicken Shop Wings + House BBQ Sauce

Deep Fried Mac N Cheese

Korean Double Fried + Daikon Wings + Fermented Chilli

Oozing Gooey Mac N Cheese

Everything was good we left satisfied, the slaw which I actually forgot about due to being in grease heaven, was not up to par. It was somewhat bitter. So next time I would skip the slaw and go for the greens instead.

A rare but essentially spot for pure gluttony. Miles above Meat Liquor for sure.

Wishbone on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Song Post: New Music

Hi guys!

Just today I have found a new artist. Refreshing and something new for the music scene.

His name is called Grey Reverend but his music is far from grey; infact colourful and draws alot of emotion. Just him and his guitar.

He will be supporting Andreya Triana a Ninja Tune artist; another favourite new of mine at London's Union Chapel on Friday 31st May.

Grab your tickets for £17.50 + £1 booking fee here

Check out a favourite of mine track by Andreya Triana:

Hope you enjoy.


Monday, 13 May 2013


A friend of mine tweeted a video titled 'Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus' a poem written by a guy who goers by the name of JeffBetheke aka Jefferson Betheke about his journey to becoming a Christian where he highlighlights the difference between religion (Christianity) and being a believer of Jesus Christ in his eyes. A catholic priest responded in the same spoken word form, video entitled: 'Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus, showing the Catholic perspective.

I found this extremely interesting as I had never thought of separating religion with being a believer. Refreshing I think- as a believer in love and positivity most of all.

After watching Jefferson's spoken word and the response in a Catholic's perspective, I wrote my own poem in a sense. Unedited & Uncut, first words typed into my iPhone here it is:

If we love
We tear down all barriers
All divides gone
To this day still
Creates separation and divide
Christianity split into 
Via Henry the 8th
Who wanted to get divorced and remarried

Religion has been another form of segregation


I do believe if we are to 
Being a follower of Jesus Christ
We do need the umbrella Christianity
Which is in turn a religion
As the way the world
Society works
The security held in
Faith and religion
Can be damaged
And make it impossible 
To seek the love
And relationship
With Jesus 

As you can tell I can see and understand both points of view. 

See the video links below. 

Food for thought. Refreshing!

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

Why I Love Religion, And Love Jesus || Spoken Word

Monday, 15 April 2013

Emeli Sande 'Our Version Of Events' Tour

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to get two tickets to see Emeli Sande last Monday (April 8th 2013)  at The Hammersmith Apollo; for the UK leg of the 'Our Version Of Events Tour'.

I decided to take my mum, as she is just a big fan of Emeli Sande as I am. All week before the show I made sure to play the album once a day, so I could be singing each and every word in the audience. Yes, when I go to see a concert I'm often the one singing and dancing along. I was happily joined by others on the sidelines. I did spot a few artists too such as Ny Official.

Emeli performed all the songs from her album as well as two new songs from her upcoming project. AMAZING! One for her now husband and the other a great inspired by Emeli's life encounters. My favourite being 'Breaking the Law'- which she mentioned was for her sister, Lucy.

Supporting Emeli Sande on the London leg of the tour were acts Sam Smith and Jacob Banks. Both ones to watch. Jacob Banks performed on the April 8th  (the night I went) and Sam Smith on the April 9th. How epic Jacob Bank's was. He performed tracks from his free EP 'The Monologue'; 'Rainy Day' , 'Dear Simone'- love at first hear!! To open the show we had an artist named Mahalia she was great a refreshing, she performed tracks from her free EP 'Head Space'; 'No Escape', 'Head Space',  & 'Let The World See The Light'.

I Look forward to hearing more music from Emeli Sande, as she is working on her second album. Exciting! 2012 was really Emeli's year winning Brit Awards and being the figure for the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies.

Emeli Sande's special edition of 'Our Version of Events' is out NOW:

Links to Supporting Acts Music:

Jacob Banks: http://www.jacobbanks.co.uk/

Sam Smith: https://soundcloud.com/samsmithworld

Mahalia: http://mahaliamusic.com/

Sunday, 24 March 2013

SONG Post: Artist Alert

Hey Guys!

I present to you a beautiful songstress who goes by the name of Lidiaana!

Signed to independent label Segenita Records, Lidiaana is a singer/songwriter/producer, the sounds are awesome influence from R&B, Funk, & Pop.

Three months ago Lidiaana released her E.P 'How Often', and guess what it is a FREE download. Yes, free! The E.P , 'How Often' is made up of 7 tracks:

1)I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Acapella)
2)How Often feat. Idris Jones
3)Miss You
4)Do You feat. Helgi and Herda Vim
5)Moments feat. Timba
6)Hater feat. Definition and Kay Martay

I myself have had a good listen and you can really feel the passion in each and every track. My personal favourite being 'How Often' makes you think of summer, and is a great song for all the independent females out there; I know you can all relate. And of course 'Do You' is a close second !

Make sure you download the E.P, and show Lidiaana some love!

I shall leave the links below to her Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as her video for the track 'How Often'.

 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LidiaanaMusic 
 Twitter:     https://twitter.com/lidiaanamusic

SONG Post: New Music: Cover

 Hey guys!

 Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

 Check out this lovely cover by Dave from Ninja Tune's Mercury nominated band The Invisible.