Saturday, 29 March 2014

SONG Post: Kelis 'Rumble'

Hi guys!

Kelis is back, looking better than ever!

She's now signed to Ninja Tune label and her upcoming Album 'FOOD' will be released soon. She has been working on the album for quite a while along with Dave Sitek (TV on The Radio) who produced her 2013 single 'Call On Me'.

I don't know about you but I'm loving her style. We have definitely  seen Kelis evolve over time as she switches up her fashion along with her musical style; its clear to see she is not afraid of experimentation.

 Her next single 'Rumble' has now been graced with a video. Kelis nonchalantly sits on a vintage upholstered chair, with her band members appearing as fishermen or riding boats. A clever video that plays on the song itself. Click here to see the video


Friday, 21 March 2014

SOUL Post: Update and Ramblings

Hi guys!

I know I never truly left but it feels like I've been away!

Over Christmas my beloved HP Pavilion Laptop declined in health after 4 years. All the keys literally stopped working, and I had to use an old keyboard, plug it in via the usb port to enable me to type! On top of this the usual Uni deadlines etc. My Songwriter EP 'Heart Strings' is coming along guys! Alas, I have a new desktop now. So happy! So I will be posting more frequently.

Now that Spring is here officially, the days will be getting brighter, the weather a little warmer, and of course the music a little louder.

It's lent, and I've got 27 days left of NO SUGAR. It's tough but Im fighting through it. No sugar for me includes honey, and even sugar as an ingredient in  drinks etc are a no-no too. Natural sugars such as fruits, and even agave nectar are fine. Although my Agave Nectar has almost run out and I plan to limit this too. The less sweetness the better. I was successful last year and it felt great. You can really feel the health benefits- and as time goes on you don't realise. There's loads of healthy sugar free recipes out there such as healthy caramel sauce from Gemma's 'Healthy Happy Life' you can find here. And not to forget my favourite healthy dessert blogger: Chocolate Covered Katie who can be found here.

Are you giving anything up for Lent?


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Life of a Year 2 Commercial music Student

Hi guys!

I haven't posted one of these in the longest! For the Released Recording module in which we have to release an EP things have been progressing nicely. 

I'm now in the recording stages and I've found a good mic, finally. Well I thought I had before but I've discovered another and it's the akg 3000. A large diaphragm condenser mic, it gives a much smoother and gentle sound for me than the akg c214 even though they are both from the same 'family' of mics. However there is one mic left to try out, probably at my next session and it's the c414 xls. It is in a much higher price bracket so I'm hoping this will be great quality and pick up every detail of the singers voice. I think when recording singers with a unique tone to pick it up would need a great quality mic. I found that the akg 214 is great if your voice is more on the alto end than the soprano however it does deliver on clarity and depth, but peaks. I'm still experimenting with mics at the mo. 

So far I've worked with two singers for two songs on the EP- 'Heart Strings' and 'Blind' and they are both being mixed as we speak. Both songs being extremely stripped and full of emotion. I recorded both of these singers with the akg c214, which was then my favourite mic. 'Better Than Before' is still under construction. Using a grand piano I recorded the instrumental but plan to add a cajon for some rhythm and some guitar before adding vocals. The final song called 'Thought I could (make it better)' is based on piano also but has rhythm from drums. I say final song but I do have a few more I may add !

'Heart Strings' is going to be a real EP designed to be emotive and pure, staying true to the art of music. R&B/Pop and  Soul influences I showcase my earliest written songs and try to show versatility also. With the main topics love and empowerment. 

I've always written songs but creating a project has been something I've put my all into. This time last year I hadn't even entered a studio so I'm excited for the future, and the release of 'Heart Strings' this summer! To any hopefuls out there keep doing what your doing! 

I will keep blogging the progress. So stay tuned for these posts.

A photo of myself and MTV video programmer / DJ Lindsay Wesker.