Thursday, 31 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: flu strikes

Hi guys!

This week was a short one really. I've been ill and haven't moved from bed for the past two days.

Tuesday was the day we played a further three 30 second song ideas to the rest of the class. Cringe. Lol. There's just something about sharing my ideas mayn lol. I was pleased though, my two favourites were best received. The song 'Better Than Before' a piano based song about living though tough experience and becoming  better, wiser, stronger as a person. The second 'Don't Break Me' is a piano based song, about a failed relationship where one pleads for the truth and no more lies. This was also well received with nearly the whole class raising their hands to having it on their iPod. My third song played is one I wrote to a beat rather than composed, it was inspired from an instrumental on Jay Z's album called 'somewhereinamerica' was less well received as less than a third of the class raised their hands to this one. But since working with a writing partner I've finished writing it, and decided to slow it down with different chords, looking forward to record it and see what everyone thinks. Our tutor says feedback is key!

So today I was recovering and learning at the same time. Pointblank online has some great YouTube tutorials. Check them out if you are looking to learn more about music production. The videos I was watching were based on electronic music but included important stuff such as Chord Progressions, Inversions, Complex Chords etc!

Hope you have a fab weekend!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: The Released Recording Swap

Hi guys!

So as you know one of the modules I am taking at university is The Released Recording. So our next task was to swap with a member of our class. I swapped with R&B/Soul/Pop producer Jordon Johnson. Heard one idea, number 9 and stated writing straight away. Can I say dopeness! Ever since I've been writing away, nearly finis! It's definetly r&b pop, uptempo too. It could be a hit for he clubs. Instead of talking about partying on this one I'm questioning love. I will share soon.

I swapped my dog idea 'crazy over u' it almost has a neo soul vibe to it! Next Tuesday we shall learn songwriting/production  splits. This ensures copyright and sets each contributors percentage of the song. V.important stuff.


SongSpiritSoul: Earth Wind & Fire

Hi guys!

Wednesday already, well technically Thursday now. This week has been an exciting one. 

So yesterday, Tuesday I was lucky enough to be one of four to attend the filming of Earth Wind & Fire for Sky Arts filming at Battersea Arts Centre! Thanks to my tutor. Learnt so much. Being in line with your audience is key. They really focus on making their music universal and in doing so broke so many walls within the music industry particularly being a black band during the Motown era. 

They've been together as a band for over 40 years and are currently on their 12th album! Just amazing. Maurice White who was instrumental in keeping the band together is unable to tour unfortunately but still plays a major role in the musicality to this very day. It's amazing to hear that they've still got the funk! And yes Phillip Bailey has retained his falsetto. Also with him being interviewed were the other two members Ralph Johnson and Verdine White. It was interesting to the hear the stories of those who ceased opportunities and worked on their craft to create a unique groundbreaking sound and still feel lucky to this very day to be working actively in the music industry.

Look out for the interview on Sky Arts


Friday, 18 October 2013

Year 2 Of a Commercial Music Student: Friday Feeling

Hi all! 

Friday already! This week has gone SO fast. 

As part of The Released Recording module we had a TC2 test on Tuesday. We had another tutorial of Logic, which was definetly needed for me. However I need a catch up as our test was during the lecture. Luckily I keep my Logic 9 book at hand when I'm going to a session until I memorise. 

We learnt how to use the larger studios at the uni, CR1 and CR2. I think will be great for my songs where I need to record on the baby grand piano. These studios have more amps, more powerful speakers and just more complex in general, allowing analogue mixing. Will be calling the tech guys on hand when needed! The engineer instead that for recording bands Pro Tools is more effective that Logic, and the gap is not too great between the two.

For my project that I'm working on, that is the EP. I have been writing and creating more ideas. As well as practising the lead song which has been titled 'Blind'. Jay Z's song from his album Magna Carta 'on yinamerica' is what inspired this and I will be recording a version to that instrumental next week.

We also have to swap one of our ideas with another member of the class. I don't know which one to give, so will be thinking about this over the weekend. Exciting times ahead!

Enjoy your weekend guys! 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: Collabs

Lost files- 11/10/13

Yesterday was a good day. I remember in first year one of the lecturers, Mykaell Riley who also happens to be my tutor said that collaborations are the most important. So ever since I've been trying to get stuck in as they say.

I have been working on a song with which I wrote the chorus to with a fellow student, on the BMus course. The BMus students study Commercial Music too but focus more on the performance side of things rather than business and music production. It's great to meet others like yourself and we came up with the bridge and the second verse. The song got a solid thumbs up from other first year students with crazy amazing vocals may I add! Soon we shall record the demo and I will be posting a link for you all to listen.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Third Week Already: Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student

Hello all,

How is the month of October treating you?

So last week regarding The Released Recording was just myself creating and uploading my initial twelve song ideas which I did. Since then however ie been creating, changing things here and there. 

Last Friday wa my first time in the university studios since level 4 ( year 1) ! Luckily before I entered the studio I saw my friend, who I met at his audition to actually get onto the course. We ended up having a creative session, after I played him some ideas. It's amazing what you can do with a few words and some chords. 


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Song Ideas. Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student

Good morning all! Or good evening as it is night in some places.

I have been creating, and listening to old recordings of song ideas, as our task is to produce 12 rough ideas, to be whittled down to 6 and 3 of these will be demos.

Anyone who has always wanted to be in the industry knows that it takes many songs/ideas to create a hit. Thats why I've been going back, way back, listening and re-writing. Using my Korg SOS, (god bless this device) I have been able to record rough recordings using a mic fx for some reverb, and with some songs I also played the piano. Playing my beloved piano whilst singing is still new to me, but thus the life of a musician, it will become second nature soon.

I've managed to come close to 20 ideas, I think I will see if I can write some new material by tomorrow, or should I say later today. Train rides to uni are inspiring believe me lol. But the whole point of this task as part of The Released Recording Module is to create a set of demos for an EP that has a set theme. Pretty cool. I have to be able to make this apparent and be able to explain and express it through song.

Stay tuned guys.

Soundcloud uploads soon coming :)