Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: Collabs

Lost files- 11/10/13

Yesterday was a good day. I remember in first year one of the lecturers, Mykaell Riley who also happens to be my tutor said that collaborations are the most important. So ever since I've been trying to get stuck in as they say.

I have been working on a song with which I wrote the chorus to with a fellow student, on the BMus course. The BMus students study Commercial Music too but focus more on the performance side of things rather than business and music production. It's great to meet others like yourself and we came up with the bridge and the second verse. The song got a solid thumbs up from other first year students with crazy amazing vocals may I add! Soon we shall record the demo and I will be posting a link for you all to listen.


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