Friday, 18 October 2013

Year 2 Of a Commercial Music Student: Friday Feeling

Hi all! 

Friday already! This week has gone SO fast. 

As part of The Released Recording module we had a TC2 test on Tuesday. We had another tutorial of Logic, which was definetly needed for me. However I need a catch up as our test was during the lecture. Luckily I keep my Logic 9 book at hand when I'm going to a session until I memorise. 

We learnt how to use the larger studios at the uni, CR1 and CR2. I think will be great for my songs where I need to record on the baby grand piano. These studios have more amps, more powerful speakers and just more complex in general, allowing analogue mixing. Will be calling the tech guys on hand when needed! The engineer instead that for recording bands Pro Tools is more effective that Logic, and the gap is not too great between the two.

For my project that I'm working on, that is the EP. I have been writing and creating more ideas. As well as practising the lead song which has been titled 'Blind'. Jay Z's song from his album Magna Carta 'on yinamerica' is what inspired this and I will be recording a version to that instrumental next week.

We also have to swap one of our ideas with another member of the class. I don't know which one to give, so will be thinking about this over the weekend. Exciting times ahead!

Enjoy your weekend guys! 

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