Wednesday, 19 February 2014

SOUL Post: All we need is LOVE

Hey guys!

I hope you are all well. For some reason valentines day meant so much more than  love for your significant other but also love for everyone & everything as intended. Love should be effortless in all that we do.

With everything that is in the world today. Let's celebrate love always and keep the positive vibes flowing. Love some love, don't you?


Monday, 3 February 2014

SOUL Post: Shake Shak

Hey Guys,

So last Sunday after Hillsong my friend and I decided to go on the hunt for some food! It was nice because we haven't caught up in FOREVER!

We headed to Covent Garden for burgers. The dilemma was 'Five Guys' or 'Shake Shak' .... We went for the latter. Shake Shak seems to be slightly higher on the Richter scale. Also, outside Five Guys the queue was ridiculous literally round the block, anyone would think here was a movie premiere!

To Shake Shack we went. Walked through the infamous Covent Garden piazza and there it was. The seating area seemed to be pretty much open, which was interesting. The queue was long but manageable. We were given a menu whilst we queued so by time we reached the till we knew exactly what we wanted to order. I went for the ShackBurger w/ added bacon (£6.50), Fries (£2.50) and decided to try their Shack-made Lemonade (£2.75).

We were given a buzzer which was handy so we could quickly grab seats while we waited for our order. I was quite surprised by the sheer number of staff. Five minutes later and our food was ready. 

The first port of call for me were the fries. Very very good they were. Crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft potato goodness inside. Delicious. However I felt that they were a little on the warm/luke warm end. Now for the burger, it did not disappoint it was delicious. The brioche buns soft and fluffy with a slightly crisp exterior. The patty was cooked well done as I requested but was still juicy, I do think a double would add that extra bit of flavour and substance. The smoked bacon crisp along with the cheese and fresh salad made this burger. I would however have loved some extra Shack Sauce. I did enjoy my meal. My friend and I were both hungry afterwards, so I suggest going for double burgers as it is not very filling. 

I would definetly re-visit Shake Shack, most likely when a little warmer to try their custard shakes everyone raves about. I would give Shake Shack a 7/10.

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