Tuesday, 27 January 2015

SONG Post: Final Year Commercial Music Student- Moonlight In The Clouds

Hi all!

I hope you all are having a great week this week. I recently recorded my debut piano solo EP 'Moonlight In The Clouds'- a work inspired by my favourite French composers: Yann Tiersen, Erik Satie and Chopin to name a few.

Here I channeled film music, drawn by the subtleness and cinematic nature of Neo Classical pieces. My love of film music started a long time ago when I studied French GCSE in secondary school. I remember learning French and wanting to improve so picked up a copy of the DVD 'Amelie'. Yann Tiersen's compositions stuck with me since then and it was not until last academic year at university in Composing For Visual Media where we had to compose 10 minute compositions for a clip of video of a silent movie that my love was re-ignited and inspired.

I really enjoyed the process of recording a pool of 20 compositions to begin with and choosing four out of those to record professionally. The recording process went smoothly, I enjoyed playing on the Yamaha baby grand for the day.

Here you can listen to 'Moonlight In The Clouds' a piece I composed in secondary school, since then it has developed in terms of dynamics as well as adding phrases and melody.

Below I will show you artwork for this project. I really enjoyed creating this artwork with the minimal, black and white monochrome visuals. As a female I tried to keep this feminine in terms of having my hair curled, as well as in terms of the pose. I feel like the photographer did a great job here.

For anyone that would like to check out my new website dedicated to music you can here: http://ekeishamusic.weebly.com . Here you can have access to all compositions, gallery and more!


Friday, 23 January 2015

SONG, SPIRIT & SOUL: Poetry Freestyle

Hi guys!

Happy Friday to those of you on this side of the hemisphere. I am typing this at 01:01am. The end of the week is the best time for most. When you get that Friday feel in' nothing can beat that! Here goes my first poetry freestyle as I can't sleep.

Look Within

Looking in from the outside
The night sky on the horizon
The melody of the wind
Says to look within
Look within for strength
Look within for hope
Look IN from the OUTSIDE
Outside may look like a lot
A lot that meets the eye
But not the heart
With our eyes we see
With our heart we feel
So I say to you
Look in from the outside

Your heart says ALOT!

Ekeisha Edet- 2015


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Song, Spirit & Soul : Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you have noticed I have been M.I.A! But rest assured I had an amazing holiday season and I hope you did too!

Now that 2015 is here we all have our resolutions. Instead of resolutions I prefer goals, a small list of achievable ones. Using the SMART formula I have written down three goals, and within these tasks required to actually achieve them. This is something I learnt in Professional Development at uni- and it is SO useful. Once you write some goals down and have a strategy you feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders!

Hope you all get those goals up and running and 2015 is an amazing year!

I plan to bring a lot more to the cyber world, so look out for more. So much is happening this year including some NEW music of course. I will be recording and releasing a piano EP 'Moonlight In The Clouds' this month! Snippets as well as letting you in on my musical journey will be here too.

This year mum decided no cooking, so we went to The Hilton hotel for Christmas lunch. It was great! We were sure to pig out, and enjoy the festivities!

Here are some photos from this years Christmas:

Christmas Eve Martinis

Christmas Day Celfie

Waiting for the guests





Christmas Tree

New Years Eve we cancelled all plans and stayed home, since we had guests on New Years Day. Dressed up to welcome 2015 of course!