Sunday, 1 November 2015

Song Spirit & Soul : Pinch , Punch First Of The Month! Chit x Chat and Goals

Let's say help to the new month, 1st November 2015.

Christmas is now only 53 Days away, with the new year 2016 looming. This is exciting and i was thinking why not plan today for the new year, why wait until 1st January to begin a new.

Starting from now to work on positive changes to your life can only be beneficial. For me I need to get fit, limit all carbs, fats and sugars to a bare minimum, as well as work out. Alas, I shall be joining the gym. Also setting a schedule to complete tasks; the early bird catches the worm, this schedule will coincide with goals i have set for myself, using the SMART formula. The SMART formula allows me to set goals within a set time frame- this limited pressure as well as puts you at ease as you can measure your targets.

Keeping my faith on track is another goal, sometimes life gets in the way of attending church on Sundays but when I do go I feel the blessings. TBN and youtube does come to the rescue during times when you need a faith top up. I recommend Toure Roberts and wife Sarah Jakes Roberts on Youtube, as well as Heather and Cornelius Lindsay. Also the greats such as Joyce Meyer and Bishop TD Jakes. Oh and the Bible App, is great for on the go, however not as personable. I try to keep my spirit in check rather than religiously following as this ensures I'm keeping up with a religion. A relationship with God is the most important thing.

Whether these views of mine will change is another but as I grow closer I am open to the journey.

Let's get talking, what is your take?