Sunday, 29 March 2015

SONG, SPIRIT & SOUL: Life Of A Final Year Commercial Music Student: Tips for performing x See me LIVE!

Hi guys,

So as part of the Final Project module one of my objectives to get out there as a composer, and what better way to do this than by live performance. It is always nerve wracking just thinking of getting on stage, but once I'm on stage the nerves ease away.

Here are some personal tips for budding performers:

  1. Practise, practise, practise before hand. This is key as without practise your performance will not be perfect, and the more you practise the more you will be ready. Once you have the fundamentals down you can let go on stage and enjoy the performance more as you know the song inside out!
  2. Make sure that you arrive on time to the venue. Make sure you arrive well and early to the venue, this gives you time to settle in even before the sound check. Grab a drink, meet the other performers as well as the promoter of the event and chill. This way your nerves will be at ease, and you will be calm and ready for your performance! 
  3. Get used to an audience. The more you play in front of others the more used to people being present you will be. You will no longer be frightened as it will be normal, this will lead to enjoyment of performance rather than focusing on hiding the nerves.
  4. Feel the music. Always feel the music, get to grips with the pieces you are playing in its entirety. Play it with joy that inspired you to create the piece and really bring it to life, injecting your playing with energy and excitement for what you are performing. This will also enable you to engage with the audience.
  5. Enjoy the music. This is very very important. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the music, and enjoy your audience. Show them your very best, and just remember why you love composing, performing your songs. Everyone is there to see you, it should be a fun and exciting time. If you enjoy it, everyone else will no doubt about it!

I hope you find these tips useful, if you need more tips on overcoming anxiety on stage or performance in general see this on performance anxiety, here for pianist in particular, here for more in depth and technical advice. If you would like more advice in this area or sites to visit feel free to contact me.

Also come and see me live! Next week Friday 3rd April 2015 come to Sound Movement, Live Extra

Where: Canal 125, Caledonian Road, N1 9RG
Time 6pm-2am