Sunday, 17 November 2013

Spirit Post: In Faith we Trust, in Love we Lay

Hi all,

Nothing like writing before bed, sometime after 2AM *sigh*. Sometimes I write thoughts which turns into a poem. This one I call:

In faith we trust, In love we lay

Often we talk ourselves out of achieving our dreams. Well not completely but we just question whether we are on the right path, on the right page; question whether there is anything to gain. 

And when it comes down to it. You have this dream for a reason. You did believe in it. Make sacrifices. So all the doubt is fear. Remember why you started. Start to complete. Do what you love. Some days you may question why,just remember your dream why you're here. Decide today to put all in. You've got nothing to loose. They say it's easier said than done. But doing is so much in itself. Doing will bear fruit. Stay true. Be you. Purposeful purposes

I hope this inspired you.