Sunday, 24 November 2013

Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student: Goal Digger

Hi everyone!

This week has flown by. As part of our course we have Professional Development, as intense as it can be thinking about the future regarding chosen career and field and planning HOW to get there; once done a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Felt awesome! Taking these goals and creating weekly objectives to make progress.

In terms of studio I've been everyday this week. Definetly improving. My friend singer/songwriter Diamant Ballou recorded a rough demo of 'Better Than Before'- I felt like it would sound great with her voice. To hear a singer sing your songs is a great thing especially when delivered exactly how I imagined. And this is just a rough. Also on Wednesday I recorded a rough demo for 'HeartStrings'  , I recorded the keys using the standard logic Yamaha plugin, I was so thankful to be in CR4 this studio has a full sized keyboard great for a piano player like me, no fussing with shifting octaves etc. for both vocal recordings I used my favorite mic AKG C214. Out of all the mics I've used at university so far this one is great, I love it for my vocals. 

For this upcoming week I plan to finish up the rough demo with my Chica Diamant and shorten the actual instrumental, as it's 8mins long! True Ekeisha fashion. Also see what I can do with HeartStrings, I feel it needs something eve though it's a rough demo.  Also I wrote a new song last Thursday enroute to uni 'Look What You Did' this has a Cassie vibe to it. So need to get that idea recorded too. As you can see guys I'm working, working hard.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


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