Sunday, 2 October 2016

Song, Spirt & Soul: New Changes & Poetry Freestyle

Hi all,

I have not posted in a while but I have not forgotten about you! Currently typing via my only resource, my PHONE! I have recently made a huge move up to Manchester which I will be updating you all about really SOON! I have had to get to grips with my first job post uni as well as find somewhere to live! 

Here is a late night Poetry Freestyle, written to inspire myself when you can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. Late night, insomnia I write wide eyed. No punctuation either.

Be better 

All things are working to my good
All things that have happened
Are supposedly meant to have been
A part of a greater story to tell
bigger picture
It is all part of the master plan
Made from smaller ones we don't realise make up the master plan
The bigger picture
Some wonder where do I fit in
That's why I believe little time should be wasted on what ifs
Speculation causes time wasting
Delays the outcome you want to reach

Ekeisha E