Thursday, 8 October 2015

SONG SPIRIT & SOUL Post: Poetry Freestyle: Finding Your Direction

Hi guys!

Today is National Poetry Day, so I thought why not post a poetry freestyle. I write this from the comfort of my living room, from my mobile phone. All due to wanting to share, and this I had to share before midnight!

Gone with the wind I was
Now at a point of transition
I find myself
Swaying with the wind
However firmly grounded
Thank God for God
What I would do without faith
I cannot answer
Self belief
A willingness 
Belief unbound 
On solid foundations
We can become
Not that we aren't great already
But we are only human
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow
And never give up
No matter how windy the road
How difficult the route
Come rain or shine
In pursuit 
I go
We go
You go.

Ekeisha Edet - 2015