Sunday, 29 September 2013

Follow me on this journey: Year 2 as a Commercial Music Student

Hey guys so I've just started my second year at the University of Westminster, studying Commerical Music.

This year is all about presenting ourselves in a much more professional way. Definitely no time for slacking now.

I managed to finish my first year with a 2.1, and I always think about how I could of tried harder. But that's what a new year is for right?

So recently I've been flicking through my song books and listening to recording of song ideas. This Wednesday our task as part of 'The Released Recording' module on the Making Pathway is all about working towards a single. We have to submit 12 song ideas before we select a few to record and one of which will be the single.

Over the years I've written quite abit,but at my own pace lets see what I create.

Stay tuned as I write toward my first EP, will be free download of course! 

Yesterday's lyrics went something like this:

My eyes are the river
His eyes are te sea
If I was I dive in
What would become of me
So I stay here
So I stay here


Friday, 6 September 2013

SOUL Post: Dear September

Hi all,

It is now September, which happens to be my birth month. We celebrate a new season, fall, a fresh start for greatness. 

I'm turning 24! I wrote a little poem, take a read if you will. It's almost a little letter to myself.

Almost 24
Just 18 days
I thank
And praise God
Life has been
A roller coaster
Ups and downs
Left and right
Is what I am 
To grow 
To share
To love
To just be
Stepping up
In this life
Through glorification 
I am ready.