Wednesday, 25 February 2015

SONG, SPIRIT, & SOUL: Poetry Freestyle

Hi guys,

So as I am sipping on Dandelion tea (aka Digestion Tea) I have decided to write another freestyle poem. I really enjoy doing these, and see you do too! Here goes:


You have been chosen
Chosen to live
Chosen to learn
Chosen to love
What a powerful thing
It is to be a chosen ONE
by THE chosen one
We hold so much power
You and I
Together we are limitless
We must live to learn
Learn to grow
Humbly united 
at the centre
the core
We must spread
to sow
Disperse to unite
Knowing that
if we fall
it does not mean failure
But greater potential
for flight.

Ekeisha E-2015

If you have not already take a listen to 'Moonlight In The Clouds' title track from my debut piano EP:

Friday, 13 February 2015

Final Year Of A Commercial Music Student: Composers and Inspiration

Hi guys,

So as you know I absolutely love composing, and for the module Final Project at university I have chosen to do another piano EP. This will be my love for Fusion, fusion I call is a mixture of classical and jazz as well as contemporary music which I plan to inject into this EP. That is why I have chosen to call it Enjambment. To me music never ends and never really starts, it is continuous. A continuous story, journey through time so to speak. It helps you through any situation and can always be replayed time and time again.

Here are some absolutely great composers I look up to, both from my Classical roots as well as my Contemporary peers:

Jazz Trio - Phronesis

Composer x Pianist - Alexa Lima

Composer x Musician- Yann Tiersen

I do hope that you can listen to these and let me know what you think! I am constantly looking for more composers to listen to, but here are my favourites and have been for some years now!

Here is a link to 'Moonlight In The Clouds' the title track of the EP.