Friday, 13 February 2015

Final Year Of A Commercial Music Student: Composers and Inspiration

Hi guys,

So as you know I absolutely love composing, and for the module Final Project at university I have chosen to do another piano EP. This will be my love for Fusion, fusion I call is a mixture of classical and jazz as well as contemporary music which I plan to inject into this EP. That is why I have chosen to call it Enjambment. To me music never ends and never really starts, it is continuous. A continuous story, journey through time so to speak. It helps you through any situation and can always be replayed time and time again.

Here are some absolutely great composers I look up to, both from my Classical roots as well as my Contemporary peers:

Jazz Trio - Phronesis

Composer x Pianist - Alexa Lima

Composer x Musician- Yann Tiersen

I do hope that you can listen to these and let me know what you think! I am constantly looking for more composers to listen to, but here are my favourites and have been for some years now!

Here is a link to 'Moonlight In The Clouds' the title track of the EP.


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