Friday, 15 November 2013

Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student: Getting There

Hi guys !

So this week I've been finishing off songs that I've written. I can't believe how quick time is going! 

The song I wrote 'Care Less/Party More' is in production and J (producer) is working with the vocals and mixing it down. It's already sounding like a summer hit. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and I plan to record two acoustic demos: 'Heart Strings' and 'Better than Yesterday' for the EP. I'm going to use logic to do this. First record the piano, and try to get the most realistic sound as possible. My friend suggested even adding a little bit of reverb to do this. I will then record the vocals and harmonies. After our tutorial on Ableton on Tuesday I may even experiment with it next week. I've got live installed on my laptop so why not I say? What's your pref logic, or Ableton guys? a lot of producers use Fruity Loops too and Reason how could I forget. So many options!

Next week I plan to work with two producers and collab some more. Colab,colab, collab they say. Love it. 

Any producers out there looking to collab or feature music or anything creative hit me up. I'm nice I promise lol.


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