Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Song, Spirit & Soul : Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you have noticed I have been M.I.A! But rest assured I had an amazing holiday season and I hope you did too!

Now that 2015 is here we all have our resolutions. Instead of resolutions I prefer goals, a small list of achievable ones. Using the SMART formula I have written down three goals, and within these tasks required to actually achieve them. This is something I learnt in Professional Development at uni- and it is SO useful. Once you write some goals down and have a strategy you feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders!

Hope you all get those goals up and running and 2015 is an amazing year!

I plan to bring a lot more to the cyber world, so look out for more. So much is happening this year including some NEW music of course. I will be recording and releasing a piano EP 'Moonlight In The Clouds' this month! Snippets as well as letting you in on my musical journey will be here too.

This year mum decided no cooking, so we went to The Hilton hotel for Christmas lunch. It was great! We were sure to pig out, and enjoy the festivities!

Here are some photos from this years Christmas:

Christmas Eve Martinis

Christmas Day Celfie

Waiting for the guests





Christmas Tree

New Years Eve we cancelled all plans and stayed home, since we had guests on New Years Day. Dressed up to welcome 2015 of course! 



  1. Loving the pictures. Looks like you certainly ate well on Christmas Day ha! What was for dessert? I can't quite work it out from the picture. xx

    1. Hi Louise,

      Yes I are way too well now it's back to the gym for me! Any you? Hope you enjoyed yours too. The dessert was a mixture of cheesecakes and pastries !

      Ekeisha x