Thursday, 24 October 2013

SongSpiritSoul: Earth Wind & Fire

Hi guys!

Wednesday already, well technically Thursday now. This week has been an exciting one. 

So yesterday, Tuesday I was lucky enough to be one of four to attend the filming of Earth Wind & Fire for Sky Arts filming at Battersea Arts Centre! Thanks to my tutor. Learnt so much. Being in line with your audience is key. They really focus on making their music universal and in doing so broke so many walls within the music industry particularly being a black band during the Motown era. 

They've been together as a band for over 40 years and are currently on their 12th album! Just amazing. Maurice White who was instrumental in keeping the band together is unable to tour unfortunately but still plays a major role in the musicality to this very day. It's amazing to hear that they've still got the funk! And yes Phillip Bailey has retained his falsetto. Also with him being interviewed were the other two members Ralph Johnson and Verdine White. It was interesting to the hear the stories of those who ceased opportunities and worked on their craft to create a unique groundbreaking sound and still feel lucky to this very day to be working actively in the music industry.

Look out for the interview on Sky Arts


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