Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Song Ideas. Year 2 Of A Commercial Music Student

Good morning all! Or good evening as it is night in some places.

I have been creating, and listening to old recordings of song ideas, as our task is to produce 12 rough ideas, to be whittled down to 6 and 3 of these will be demos.

Anyone who has always wanted to be in the industry knows that it takes many songs/ideas to create a hit. Thats why I've been going back, way back, listening and re-writing. Using my Korg SOS, (god bless this device) I have been able to record rough recordings using a mic fx for some reverb, and with some songs I also played the piano. Playing my beloved piano whilst singing is still new to me, but thus the life of a musician, it will become second nature soon.

I've managed to come close to 20 ideas, I think I will see if I can write some new material by tomorrow, or should I say later today. Train rides to uni are inspiring believe me lol. But the whole point of this task as part of The Released Recording Module is to create a set of demos for an EP that has a set theme. Pretty cool. I have to be able to make this apparent and be able to explain and express it through song.

Stay tuned guys.

Soundcloud uploads soon coming :)


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