Thursday, 31 October 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: flu strikes

Hi guys!

This week was a short one really. I've been ill and haven't moved from bed for the past two days.

Tuesday was the day we played a further three 30 second song ideas to the rest of the class. Cringe. Lol. There's just something about sharing my ideas mayn lol. I was pleased though, my two favourites were best received. The song 'Better Than Before' a piano based song about living though tough experience and becoming  better, wiser, stronger as a person. The second 'Don't Break Me' is a piano based song, about a failed relationship where one pleads for the truth and no more lies. This was also well received with nearly the whole class raising their hands to having it on their iPod. My third song played is one I wrote to a beat rather than composed, it was inspired from an instrumental on Jay Z's album called 'somewhereinamerica' was less well received as less than a third of the class raised their hands to this one. But since working with a writing partner I've finished writing it, and decided to slow it down with different chords, looking forward to record it and see what everyone thinks. Our tutor says feedback is key!

So today I was recovering and learning at the same time. Pointblank online has some great YouTube tutorials. Check them out if you are looking to learn more about music production. The videos I was watching were based on electronic music but included important stuff such as Chord Progressions, Inversions, Complex Chords etc!

Hope you have a fab weekend!


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