Friday, 21 March 2014

SOUL Post: Update and Ramblings

Hi guys!

I know I never truly left but it feels like I've been away!

Over Christmas my beloved HP Pavilion Laptop declined in health after 4 years. All the keys literally stopped working, and I had to use an old keyboard, plug it in via the usb port to enable me to type! On top of this the usual Uni deadlines etc. My Songwriter EP 'Heart Strings' is coming along guys! Alas, I have a new desktop now. So happy! So I will be posting more frequently.

Now that Spring is here officially, the days will be getting brighter, the weather a little warmer, and of course the music a little louder.

It's lent, and I've got 27 days left of NO SUGAR. It's tough but Im fighting through it. No sugar for me includes honey, and even sugar as an ingredient in  drinks etc are a no-no too. Natural sugars such as fruits, and even agave nectar are fine. Although my Agave Nectar has almost run out and I plan to limit this too. The less sweetness the better. I was successful last year and it felt great. You can really feel the health benefits- and as time goes on you don't realise. There's loads of healthy sugar free recipes out there such as healthy caramel sauce from Gemma's 'Healthy Happy Life' you can find here. And not to forget my favourite healthy dessert blogger: Chocolate Covered Katie who can be found here.

Are you giving anything up for Lent?



  1. lol I came home from new years to find my laptop had kicked the bucket completely, eerie..

  2. Uhoh!

    Snap. I guess their time was up. lol