Thursday, 5 December 2013

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: Flu 2.0

Hi guys!

So I was hit by the flu bug yet again! Where, when, what, why how?!?

It seems to be going around at the moment. But this bout hit me harder than the last and I thought that was flu. This knocked me for six since I haven't been ill for a while. So guys I've come to the conclusion I need to juice up! I bought £8 worth of fruit and vegetables determined to juice.

So last week I was productive. Managed to record a basic instrumental for my next track I'm working on 'Look What You did'. The main chords with the melody is a harp. I then added some drums, and percussion, and next plan to add some kind of bass. It's sounding good so far. Think Ryan Leslie with the drums. If I could just have the drums from his track with Jasmin Villegas I would be a very happy girl lol!

The six songs so far for my EP in no particular order  singer/songwriter edition is:
1) Better than Before
2) In Retrospect
3) HeartStrings
4) Look What You Did
5) Blind
6) DJ (Care Less Party More)

Stay tuned and more to come all. Next week is a very busy one.


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