Monday, 16 December 2013

Life of a Year 2 Commercial Music Student: It's Christmas

Hi guys!

Wow. Christmas is 9 days away now. I cannot wait, this has always been my favourite season. I don't know what it is about christmas but I can feel the magic in the air.

So semester 1 at uni is over! Bitter sweet, as the intensity heightens to the release of the EP but it's nice to have a rest. The studios at uni closed for a whole month last Thursday! Shock horror. But gives time to work on the theory side of things. One hell of a semester it's been, literally studio studio studio, essay, studio, essay.

On Friday I submitted assignment 1 for released recording. It was something. 12 ideas and 6 unmixed demos. As everyone wanted to use the studios it was literally impossible to get a studio. And when I did I fainted, yes fainted on the day my assignment was due. I managed to record with my trustee c214 mic despite it and my two friends brought me to safety lol. But on top of that my logic projects didn't bounce in time so I had to work with what I had. This is something that I've learnt a lot this semester. You have to be quick and time does not wait; literally. No pun intended there.

When setbacks arise don't get down and :

Bring on the festivities. Eating & being merry. Stay tuned as I write the top happenings for 2013!! 

Have you got anything planned this christmas? What is on your playlist this christmas?