Thursday, 30 January 2014

Year 2 of a Commercial Music Student: February is upon us

Hi  guys! 

So time is really flying by so fast. It's February already! 

An eventful month it's been in general. I've been so engrossed in uni work.

Right now I've been writing writing writing songs I shall be working with singers and plan to record next week. My tutor advised me now is the time to delegate. It's so easy to be so independent that you forget you may not meet the deadline. But that's the life of a perfectionist- must be a Virgo thing. My aim for this month is to work with singers and producers to record the EP, taking the songs up a notch. 

Stay tuned guys. I will keep you updated. 'Heart Strings' will be coming at you soon as well as songs I've written for the songwriting module. 

Fitness wise I've been slacking. Need to get into ze gym ASAP. There's nothing like running a cool 3-5 miles in the gym. Got to have a summer body all year round! However I have been giving in to all things containing sugar. 

What is your weekness? 

Are you ready for February? 

A little snap from the other morning. 


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