Sunday, 27 April 2014

SPIRIT Post: 3 Layers above The Sky

Hi all,

Another late night poetry post *2AM sessions* ! I looked up at the sky one day and it was like I could see God above the sky, with the earth below it; and wrote a short poem. As strange as it may sound it just made me realise that Earth is not where it starts or where it ends. All to life is not the material things we often crave and get caught up in letting define us. Enjoy life in abundance and know and have faith feeling assured that God is watching. Often times this has a negative connotation; but when you think about it God is keeping us safe. The world is a beautiful place, so many different colours, textures and landscapes! Whenever you feel down just look up to the sky; I know I do.

3 Layers Above The Sky

There's three layers to this life,
This life we cry,
Out why,
Like we're born to die,
So you try and reason,
Like we rule our own lives.
There's three layers to this life,
Beyond the sky,
Is the galaxy,
Beyond is the maker,
Of all things,
Don't ask why;

Beyond the sky,
Is the reason,
Watching all,
So great,
When in doubt just look up,
To the sky,
The lows higher than ever before,
The world so much smaller;

There's three layers to the sky,
The sky is not the limit,
Nor is the galaxy,
It leads to infinity,
The material things aren't,
What it's all meant to be,
We should be,

-Ekeisha E

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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