Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Life of a Year 2 Commercial Music Student: Spring Break....sorta!

Hi Guys,

So its the end of the year almost. With the thick of deadlines over, a few remain. Last week was manic with recording for the Songwriting module and writing essays and reports for The Released Recording module (Sharing and Culture pathways); often getting to bed at 6-7am! Now its just a question of composing, finishing touches and report as the EP looms and this May we are also putting on a mini London tour for uni band  XOEO; also part of The Released Recording.

As you can tell there is a blurred line between university work and our public lives as creatives. That is I feel the benefits of a practical course like studying a Commercial Music BA at Westminster.  When I studied Food Science & Nutrition at Surrey University it was the complete opposite- although interesting there was not much of the insight into our place in the industry itself.

I am trying to be efficient and plan out these weeks as much as possible. Its easy to be complacent and think that I've got loads of time on my hands. But the reality is three weeks and hand in date for EP and EPK are so close (a week) upon returning to university.

Next week is 'recording week'. I will be working with singer Sophie Ray on a song I wrote a few years back called 'In Retrospect', a song about a relationship and what I would do differently if I could, go back if I could, things that were not said, wishing I could undo etc etc. I love the word play I used in this song, and hope you the audience do too. Next week if my blocked nose and glands allow allergies I will record a song 'Thought I Could (Make it Better)'- but only time will tell. I wrote this song around the same time, a song I conjured up with Rihanna in mind strangely. Think 'Te Amo', for rhythm and vocal delivery.

The week after is....the mini photo-shoot! Finally as a songwriter I will have photos to promote and also act as artwork for the EP itself. A fellow songwriter friend I met years ago encouraged me to do this. So photos will be coming soon. It is scheduled after Easter Monday so that means not too much gorging on chocolates my White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies to be exact. I will have a recipe up for them soon!

Exciting times are coming- composing, writing and photos. I will make sure to be blogging. Let the count down begin to my debut EP 'Heart Strings'- a piece of my heart for the universe.



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