Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SOUL Post: Soul Searching

Hi guys!

Pinch, punch first of the month! Do they still do that? I remember in Primary School on the first day of the month everyone would go around punching and pinching each other to welcome the new month. I hated being caught out... thinking about those times makes me feel old; and I'm still young!

Being 24, not yet 25; close to 30 but not close enough. 24 has its pros and cons. I always imagined by 25 I'd be married maybe with some kids lol. It's funny how when we're young we think of our ideal lives, and its interesting to be here now and think about how different my life is to how I imagined and dreamed it would be. I also imagined I'd be either a doctor or a lawyer, and owning my own beauty magazine!

It was summer 2012 when I applied to University of Westminster through Clearing and managed to gain a place on the BA Commercial Music course. I was so excited I'd finally get to study what I enjoy. Near to the end of my second year it is safe to say i have learnt alot. If I'm completely honest this course was not what I expected either but I am much happier that I can make improvements within my reach. They say the grass is not greener on the other side but I do believe I have found a green patch on the other side in which I can seek my teeth into. The music industry in a commercial sense is not easy, but nobody said it would be. I'm just happy to play the piano, and write songs. But as well as being a musician I have learnt that I am may things in life and we cannot be defined by or as being just one thing. Especially as a creative if there's a way to express and have an outlet do it I say.

A little debut project, called 'Heart Strings' all songs written and produced by me you can find on my Sound Cloud NOW! :) https://soundcloud.com/ekeishae


  1. I hear your thoughts..
    Keep faith within One'a self, your have work will pay off in due time ❤

    1. Thankyou Anish! So true we just got to have faith x