Sunday, 12 October 2014

Life of a FINAL Year Commerical Music Student

Hi guys!

I can't believe the final year of uni has come about already!

It's been 3 weeks at uni and it feels like it's been forever to be honest. We've had pitches for our dissertation due at the end of November as well as thinking of projects; I've also been volunteering to give back and top-up my CV do it has been a hectic couple of weeks to say the least.

I plan on writing about DIVAS the topic has interested me for a long time, but boy does it go back way back in time. Further than the Beyonce's, Mariah's and Madonna's of today. I will be posting a link to the finished product by Easter.

So as in what is next on the music side of things I am planning a Piano EP. I was a piano player before a songwriter really so I think it would be great to show share some compositions as a project. But stay tuned as I bring you through my final year at University.

Side-note here are some photos from my 25th birthday celebration September 19th 2014

Exciting times lay ahead. I will definitely keep you all updated, and try to post as much as possible. Really have missed the blog-sphere.

How are you all? If you haven't heard my latest music project 'Heart Strings' listen here.

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