Friday, 15 February 2013

Winter Blues

Happy New Year!

Happy belated Love Day AKA Valentines Day.

My presence on this blog has been next to none recently but I'm BACK! I will be back with more posts. The winter blues has definitely caught me, literally. I type from bed armed with Kleenex Balsam Mansize tissues but thought that it's the perfect time to post.

For the second year in a row I shall attempt..attempt to cut out sugar for Lent. Last year me and my friend epically failed. I gave into a KitKat chunky after two/three weeks. But here goes nothing! Starting from Monday of course lol. 

This year is going to be epic. Even if it may not seem like it now, it will be what we make it. Here's to a FANTASTIC year. And remember to "Be Confident, it is part of you're Inheritance!"

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