Thursday, 15 November 2012

SOUL Post: Dining Out

Last week Saturday my bestie and I went to MASH London: Modern American Steak House. Originally located in Denmark MASH has now opened in the heart of London.

Thanks to a fellow instagramer I found out about the 50% off offer , in the first week of MASH's opening. WONDERFUL! I promply booked the table for 5:30pm. Saturday came and I was salivating at the thought of an Danish Dry Aged Rib-eye steak. After walking through the windy streets of London in my 6inch wedges behind Regent St, there MASH was- A modern luxurious looking building. The interior did not disappoint either, I was greeted by a Doorman who took my coat, I then walked down a large winding staircase where I was led to my table by the waitress.

We were given a bread basket of what tasted like sour-dough  lovely. The butter was good too-rich and salty. We then ordered. My friend went for the American-Greater Omahs Ribeye, and I the Danish Dry Aged Ribeye. We decided to each get a different side and share: A green salad and Mash potatos with onion and bacon. Also I ordered an All American Martini.

Excitement when the steaks arrived. Beauts they were and tasted delish. Medium-rare to perfection. I could not eat all of mine. The sides were good. The mash potato in particular, we wanted to order another portion but decided to save room for dessert. Dessert was the MASH Cheesecake with Raspberry Sorbet. The Cheesecake was rich and Creamy, the strawberries sweet. The Raspberry sorbet the perfect palette cleanser. Much better dessert than I anticipated. We both vowed that the All American Martini was heaven! Garnished with Eucalyptus!

MASH London = Is a must go. The damage is pretty hefty without the 50% discount but its worth it.

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