Monday, 22 October 2012

Week 4: Life of a Commercial Music Student At Westminister


Today was the beginning of the end, of the learning burst. Today was 'Music Business Skills 2' with Mykaell Riley.

Music causes both sides  (right and left) of the brain to work differently. Performing music causes both halves to work differently to work as one.

Experience= usability,analytic and design/creative. Each new experience will affect musical choices

Residual memory- also influences our perception of music
Also one's personality, location, community, time, background noise pertaining to the music listened in you're culture or family etc.

In African music for instance we place the impact of how music affects our body- as the music is based on drums- rhythm.

American had an influence on the UK in the 1980s. Axis of Awesome- The 4 Chords.


Another Chris Kennett session, from 11am-1pm- 'Writing Skills 1' . Different types of writing for different occasions.

Chris advised that we use the library for its resources, contribute to D-Boards via blackboard, negotiate with groups when you're in the band.

He mentioned books we should read such as:
  • My Music: Explorations of Music in Daily Life- Susan D. Crafts, Daniel Cavicchi, Charles Keil.
  • Distinction: A Social Critique of Judgement of Taste- Pierre Bourdieu
  • Popular Culture and High Culture- Herbert J Gans
He then compared the unistats of music course of Westminster with Cambridge.

I then ended up going to cheer leading practise from 6pm-9pm which was awesome finally apart of the Dragons!



Today I was late and had to squash into the lecture with my fellow classmates. We had Simon Geoffe for 'Music Business Skills 2'.
Simon begun the lecture by giving us an independent study assignment where we had to choose one of four topics and write about it (300-500 words)- no quotes needed as it is an assignment piece.
There are new things emerging in the music industry, we don't know where it will end up in 10 years time. The positive thing is people download music for free e.g via spotify. Festivals where people can go and watch their favourite artists perform e.g The Big Chill and Bestival. Sponsors get money and advertise their products.
Simon explained that many believe that piracy is killing music, some believe that it isn't. Record companies sewing people randomly who download music illegally recently to combat the issue. Perhaps to get people to buy records. Packaging is important and add special photos  so that people will want to buy.
Now as for record deals the 360 degree deal is becoming popular, not very advantageous for the artist. Record labels invest and take percentage of merchant income.
Questions asked: Should we as a recording industry separate to music industry?
*Note this session was on Monday as these were switched*

Today was a great day! We split into groups and listened to each others' groups performed in PR1 accompanied by Ade and Sanj. Really enjoyed listening to everyone's bands and listening to critique as tomorrow was the big day for PERFORMANCES!
Today I arrived at 12.30pm to meet the band and get any equipment needed! We then head to Area 51 where we all performed and watched eachother perform. And it was AWESOME!



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