Thursday, 30 April 2020

Song, Spirit & Soul post : Where have I been?

Hi all, I have been away for so so long.

So in the past 2 years since I have posted I have successfully completed a masters in Psychology.

 It was the hardest two years ever managing working part time as an SEN teaching assistant and studying.

 I studied at University of Westminster at the School of Life Sciences at Cavendish campus in Fitzrovia.

Some may ask 'why psychology?' Well mental health has been popping up in the media slowly as it destigmatizes. I love science, and I also love anything to do with society, brain function, history and I feel that psychology encompasses this. I had a module on my Commercial Music course at Westminster that was Music therapy and this involved the cognitive effect music has. As well as this I have known others and experienced bouts of depression and anxiety myself and wanted to learn more so that I can help others. I would definetly recommend studying MSc Psychology at Westminster as its BPS regulated which means if you want to go for PhD you can be officially registered in Great Britain and have the grounds to become a psychology assistant whilst pursuing your chosen specialism.

So what's next? 

An MSc in psychology has SO many uses: HR, PhD in clinical, educational, counselling psychogy, forensic psychology and more! 

Well I'm still deciphering what's next. Studying takes a toll and now that the Corona Virus has hit the world time will tell. I know that I would like to train for counselling in the future which type (whether Gestalt, Psychodynamic) not too sure of yet. But money is tight I'm sure all you millenials know-- so I plan to work and save so that the strain will be less when I do pursue further study for counselling in the future. 

Also connecting with psychology professionals and those in the field, of BAME descent. I feel the industry needs more representation in the future. I have found groups such as @BIPPNetwork, @NHSBME. Follow these on twitter!

So I will be updating on my endeavours let's see what the future holds. I learnt alot over the two years. To be honest I thought I'd given up on science all together but once I was on the course I enjoyed it to the point where I could complete it. For me I enjoyed the Stats modules best - quantitative and qualitative analysis. Second I'd say cognitive psychology involving child development. Like that was LOVE! And of course meeting new people.


Make sure you are financially stable enough to support yourself during postgraduate study. Really think had about specialisms, even get some articles under your belt for your final project (dissertation) early to get a head start. Make sure you do not me tall exert yourself too much and really listen to your health as that is the most important thing.

Hope you are all well! Message me or comment below if you have any questions regarding becoming a qualified Psychologist. 


Friday, 16 February 2018

Song, Spirit & Soul Post: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Hi all!

It has been so long since I have posted. 

Just a heads up that I have now relocated back to vibrant London from Manchester. I have well and truly settled back in. Now studying Psychology I have more free time to blog. But I question what, where, how and when? 

In the pipeline I plan to post more on mental health, mindfulness and self -care as I am currently on a journey myself. Finding inspiration, good vibes and like minded individuals is a must. Anxiety and depression is something that many more people are experiencing in their lives. I myself never imagined that it would cross my path being ambitious, with a strong head on my shoulders. I just assumed I will have it all together and life will go as Plan A. Life is short long so I have come to the decision to share, as through my sharing I can help you

Also I am still composing and more piano music will be shared, so watch this space. 

I've got to share this video with you by Nellah Grace, to stay encouraged, take a look:

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Song, Spirt & Soul: New Changes & Poetry Freestyle

Hi all,

I have not posted in a while but I have not forgotten about you! Currently typing via my only resource, my PHONE! I have recently made a huge move up to Manchester which I will be updating you all about really SOON! I have had to get to grips with my first job post uni as well as find somewhere to live! 

Here is a late night Poetry Freestyle, written to inspire myself when you can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. Late night, insomnia I write wide eyed. No punctuation either.

Be better 

All things are working to my good
All things that have happened
Are supposedly meant to have been
A part of a greater story to tell
bigger picture
It is all part of the master plan
Made from smaller ones we don't realise make up the master plan
The bigger picture
Some wonder where do I fit in
That's why I believe little time should be wasted on what ifs
Speculation causes time wasting
Delays the outcome you want to reach

Ekeisha E


Sunday, 19 June 2016


Hi all,

I am back! Currently again recovering from a cold.  I've found remedies, natural as well as medication to help in this season. As well as my rant on the FLU JAB, So stay tuned!

So today is Father's Day. I myself did not really grow up with mine in a nuclear family as such, but did see enjoy weekend visits until about six years old. Perhaps I will do another post on this at a later date. BUT. The point is we must still give thanks, as without our fathers we would not be alive today. No matter our situation with our fathers we, the children, are strong, alive and ambitious, striving to do our parents proud.

Today I was inspired by Omari Hardwick's words in Instagram post dedicated to the late Muhammad Ali. Below is a preview see the  FULL post here !

The words symbolise a rock, a father must be more than a giver of life but be an all encompassing, positive example of what a man should be, it is almost a Godly rite of passage. A father is there through thick and thin, good times and bad, for better or for worse. A father is so important to a daughter, in a daughter for a daughter. In this case Muhammad Ali's daughter Mayrum Ali. than you to Omari Hardwick, and thank you to all fathers.

Wishing you a great week!


Friday, 15 April 2016

SONG SPIRIT & SOUL Post: God is Love and Love is Light x Where Have I been?

Hi all,

I have been away for too long, but have been soaking up loads of ideas for future posts. Sometimes one finds themselves immersed in all, luckily my last post was a poignant one!

I have been MIA working, looking for full time work, composing as well as other creative and MORE!

What I've learnt is we must live each day to its full potential. We only have 24 hours in a day, 365 days in just ONE year, so if you want success it is important to get up and GO!

This month I have been focusing on POSITIVITY!  When we change out mindsets we are able to see things a lot lucidly. This means when negativity comes, it is easier to get past it QUICKER. Why? Because your mindset has changed. Positive mind equals positive life, this in turn leads to blessings as the energy you radiate is altogether positive. Not everyday will be perfect but the ability to overcome will outweigh whatever storm that you encounter. This is powerful.

Just remember God is Love and Love is Light, Light is inside YOU!

So, here is a blast of positivity for YOU! Please comment and share yours.

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One Church LA, Toure Roberts- Stay Lit

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